Stomach Reflux Surgery

End Suffering With Gastric Reflux Surgery Treatment. End Your Severe Stomach and Chest Pains.

What is stomach reflux?

Stomach Reflux

It is an extremely common yet complex disease associated with a high disease burden and leading to impaired quality of life. Stomach Reflux Disease is a digestive disorder that affects the muscle ring (Sphincter) that connects the esophagus to the stomach. This ring of muscle, called the sphincter , prevents food from leaving the stomach and going back into the esophagus.   

In a person with this disease, the sphincter muscle cannot fulfill its function, weakens and cannot close. As a result, it causes food and stomach acids to flow back into the esophagus (reflux). The inner membrane of the esophagus (esophageal mucosa) becomes irritated and inflamed due to the acids formed. This can cause chest pain, heartburn, a sour taste in the mouth or cough that mimics a heart attack .  

When Is Gastric Reflux Treatment Necessary?

Gastric Reflux Treatment is applied for people with severe-chronic burning and subsequent pain complaints in the esophagus, stomach and chest.

If the following methods are not successful, gastric reflux surgery is recommended.  

  • Reducing meal portions
  • If the person is overweight, they start to lose weight.
  • Quitting alcohol and smoking
  • Avoidance of acidic foods
  • Avoiding lying down, taking a nap, or sleeping after meals
  • Higher and more comfortable headboard selection
  • Medication to reduce stomach acid

Many people are naturally born with sphincter muscle problems or reflux. This chronically recurrent condition affects the person from a young age. In adults, stomach reflux problems may worsen due to spicy and oily food preferences, tight clothes that disturb the body, alcohol and cigarette use, and most importantly, excessive weight ( obesity ). Finally, gastric hernia can also play an active role in the formation of reflux.      

Gastric Reflux Surgery (Nissen fundoplication) 

It is preferred when the above methods and drug therapy are not successful. It is a minimally invasive procedure that corrects reflux by forming an effective and tight valve mechanism at the bottom of the esophageal inner membrane . If left untreated, it can cause complications such as chronic reflux, esophageal ulcer, bleeding, or injury to the esophagus.   

Stomach Reflux Istanbul

Laparoscopic Gastric Reflux Surgeries are professional surgical procedures. The expertise of the Doctor and Team Treating Gastric Reflux in Operations is very important.     

Biomy Health carries out successful operations with experienced stomach reflux surgery doctors who are experts in their fields . With 20 years of experience and knowledge, it is our greatest happiness to add value to the quality of life of our patients.   

You can also benefit from our professional services. Stop suffering now. May your severe stomach and chest pains come to an end. You can contact us for more information .  

With Biomy Health, you can get stomach reflux surgery and treatments with specialist doctors. You are invited to our Obesity Center located in Şişli on the European Side of Istanbul .   

What are the Symptoms of Gastric Hernia? Is it the same as reflux?

Gastric hernia, which occurs as a result of the movement of the stomach towards the chest cavity, also triggers gastric reflux disease, as it causes problems such as destruction or abrasion in the esophagus and gastric valve system . The main difference that distinguishes these two diseases from each other: compression similar to a heart attack in hernia, very severe burning in the chest and coughing can be given as examples. In reflux, it is more stomach acid coming from the esophagus to the mouth and causing discomfort. Depending on the operation preference, these two diseases can usually be treated at the same time 

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