Stomach Botox

Start Losing Weight Without Surgery and Anesthesia with Stomach Botox Application.

It may sound strange, but it's a real app! Botox can now be done in the stomach and you can lose weight. Stomach Botox , a professional and effective weight loss treatment, is widely performed in our Istanbul Center.   

Stomach Botox Treatment

It is an effective endoscopic procedure, which is the most trending weight loss application all over the world . Botox applications, which are currently used in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery to resist wrinkles or signs of aging, have now started to be used in weight loss treatments .        

In the light of developments in medical technology and as a result of long years of research experts, stomach , Botox implementation process of the stomach muscles (injecting) have discovered that patients could help with weight loss. With this application, which is currently used all over the world and preferred as a practical procedure, the weight loss process is controlled and observed.      

Let's Get to Know This Popular Treatment

Stomach Botox Application

A special liquid is injected to temporarily relax the stomach muscles. Thanks to this process, it is ensured that the stomach moves less during or after feeding and its emptying is delayed. Normally, when the stomach is empty, the release of Ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone, increases and the person feels hungry and goes to fill the stomach.   

With the application of Botox , the emptying of the stomach is delayed and the stomach remains empty, and the aforementioned hormone is released less and you feel less hungry. In the meantime, effective weight loss is provided by low-calorie nutrition and increasing movement. In addition, with Stomach Botox , the repetitive expansion of the stomach is restricted. In this way, the person feels more full with very little food and the digestion time of the food is prolonged. As this process continues, less food will be eaten, and weight loss will be faster.   

How Is Stomach Botox Made?

Botox is injected into the stomach muscle with an oral endoscopic application and the movements of the stomach muscles are followed. The procedure is attractive because it is non- surgical , painless due to the fact that you are asleep during the endoscopy, and the rate of complication development is almost non-existent. This is a simple process that takes about 20 minutes. The effects are generally experienced after 7-10 days and the effects last up to 3-6 months.   

Stomach Botox Procedure for Weight Loss 

It is an application that helps you lose weight. Thanks to your renewed metabolism with weight loss, you are also protected from diseases caused by obesity.

  • Hypertension
  • Heart diseases
  • Sleep apnea
  • fatty liver
  • Type II Diabetes

Botox Treatment in the Stomach: It may not be suitable for all patients, if you take your meals with a "feeling of hunger" , this treatment method is suitable for you. However, if you are eating without getting hungry and snacking on junk food, this process is unfortunately not suitable for you. Because this process does not reduce the volume of the stomach, everything that passes through the mouth will enter the stomach. Since what enters the stomach will be absorbed from the intestines and added to the body in some way, calorie restriction will not be possible.   

How Many Weight Loss With Stomach Botox?

It is possible to lose 4-15 kilos with this treatment. If permanent results are to be achieved, it is recommended to eat only healthy foods during this process. Follow-up with an active lifestyle and regular exercises will create better and more satisfying results.

According to the present treatment generally results from stomach Botox to six months after about of body weight for 7% to 15% is expected to weight loss. Since the process is completely up to you, you can keep the weight loss process under control with sports and exercises.       

Stomach Botox Istanbul

Stomach Botox Treatment is a new and trending application applied without anesthesia. Biomy Health is with you, our valuable patients, in this process with its stomach botox doctors who are experts in their fields . It is aimed to provide 100% patient satisfaction in the operations performed by choosing the most modern hospitals and clinics Famous obesity doctor and general surgeon , our valuable teacher: Prof. Dr. Say goodbye to your excess weight painlessly and without surgery with Cemalettin CAMCI and his expert team.              

You can contact our experts to get information about stomach botox treatment and its applications , you can find more information about this treatment method by reviewing our blog posts.      

With Biomy Health, Obesity Treatment Center, Botox Treatment for the Stomach is in Istanbul. Contact Us To Start Losing Weight.

Will I diet after stomach botox?

Personal effort has an important place in all weight loss procedures. With serious lifestyle changes, the permanent goal can be achieved. Therefore, a diet should be made and movement should be increased and fat burning should always be allowed. The fact that Stomach Botox is more applicable and easier than other bariatric surgery procedures does not mean that we will not pay attention to our eating habits.    

Can treatment fail? What if I don't lose weight?

With Stomach Botox Treatment , it is aimed to delay the feeling of hunger. The important thing here is; It is knowing that a person should sit down to eat as a result of hunger and get up from the table when he feels satiated. This treatment may not be suitable for those who have the habit of eating fast and snacking . As a result of the detailed analysis, the expert obesity doctor will guide you correctly.    

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