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Obesity Treatments Under the Control of Expert Obese Doctors (Non-Surgical) at Biomy Health.

We are with you in your fight against obesity for a fit body, happy days with people's happy and healthy days.

Biomy Health, Obesity Treatment In our Istanbul Center, Turkey's most famous obesity doctor and general surgeon Prof. Dr. It is made by Cemalettin CAMCI and his professional team. If you have decided for a fresh start, discover our obesity treatment methods.      

So What Is This Obesity?

Obesity is when the amount of fat stored in the body in general has a negative impact on a person's health and quality of life. Today, this situation, which is accepted as a medical case all over the world, has been solved with obesity treatments and is still being applied successfully.  

How Is It Treated?

As Biomy Health, a Body Mass Index (BMI) - Obesity Calculation is made for all our patients before starting the treatment . With this calculation, it is divided by the square of the weight/height and the type (degree) of obesity is determined according to the result . In general (BMI) over 30 kg/m2, the individual is considered obese and the treatment option is determined.        

Afterwards, the most appropriate treatment option according to the patient's health status is decided by the obese doctor by talking to each other and the process begins. The most appropriate method that will fully benefit the patient is preferred. Treatment options with and without surgery are shared below.   

Obesity Treatment Methods

1-) Non- Surgical Obesity Treatment (Endoscopic Applications) 

The following obesity treatment methods are available for our patients who have problems in their vital activities due to their excess weight, do not want to have surgery or do not have time.

Stomach Botox

If you have a fear of surgery, you can have this application done without surgery, painlessly and quickly with the latest application of the last years, Stomach Botox Treatment . Thanks to this process, which is basically done by limiting stomach movement, the stomach works less and the desire to eat is limited.  

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon Treatment is the classic application where you can lose weight faster and feel full all the time . With this application, the stomach capacity is limited with the help of a special silicone balloon, and a feeling of less eating and fullness is provided. In this way, weight loss takes place in the medium and long term (3-12 months). 

Swallowable Gastric Balloon

Finally, the trending weight loss application is the swallowable gastric balloon treatment. With these treatment methods, your weight loss process starts faster and you regain your health without being exposed to any surgical syndrome. By swallowing a material in the form of a capsule (pill-like) with the application, the stomach volume is limited and a longer feeling of fullness is provided. The difference compared to the classical gastric balloon is that there is no anesthesia and endoscopy procedure and it is performed faster.  

2-) Obesity Surgery (Operations Requiring Surgery )  

With Obesity Surgery, it is aimed to regain your health with operations performed in cases that require surgical intervention due to advanced obesity and other health conditions. You can make a fresh start with post-operative follow-up and special programs.

Bariatric Surgery

 Gastric sleeve surgery, Gastric By-Pass, stomach reduction, for patients suffering from high obesity.

Metabolic Surgery

 Type 2 diabetes, diabetes, morbid obesity patients.

Stomach Reflux Surgery

Severe-chronic burning and pain complaints in the esophagus, stomach and chest, stomach problems as a result of severe obesity.

Obesity Surgery and Considerations in Treatment 

  • Quality-origin of materials and equipment to be used in surgeries
  • Professionalism, experience and references of the specialist doctor
  • Post-operative follow-up and support services

What Diseases Cause Obesity If Untreated 

Every person can have excess weight, but in obesity patients, weight gain progresses insidiously and reaches unpredictable levels much faster . As a result, if the person is not treated, the whole life balance will be affected and he may face health problems afterwards.   

Especially diseases caused by obesity; asthma and respiratory problems, paralysis, sleep apnea, skeletal system disorders, hair growth problems and other metabolic disorders are the best known examples.  

Obesity Treatment in Istanbul

Would you like to be treated for obesity and start to lose weight, accompanied by experienced doctors in fully equipped and high-standard hospitals ? Imagine, decide and ask!  

Biomy Health is an obesity center that has hosted numerous operations with obesity treatments for 20 years with expert obesity doctors . It is very important for us to successfully implement every innovation and treatment method that will benefit our patients.     

In addition, the most trendy and popular weight loss methods used in the world will be presented to you with the difference of Biomy Health, and you will have information about modern obesity treatments . All you have to do is ask for the body you dream of by being renewed again.    

You can also benefit from our services with advanced technology and standards, ask all your questions about obesity to our experts , and read our useful blog articles.   

Biomy Health, Obesity Treatment Center Provides Service in Istanbul Location. We are waiting for you too.  

What is obesity / obese body mass index ?

Obesity body mass index is examined in 3 groups according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) data. Body mass index value: BMI between 5-25 is normal . Those with BMI over 25 overweight , BMI over 30 obese, and BMI over 40 were defined as advanced ( morbidly obese ).       

I look overweight, but I am 5-10 kg overweight. What should I do ?

If you have 5-10 kg more than your ideal weight, you can start with healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Get help from a dietitian who is an expert on the subject. If you have difficulty in following the diet lists, get hungry easily and want to skip the diet and this happens frequently, a method to reduce the stomach volume (gastric balloon) or a method to delay gastric emptying (stomach botox) treatments can help you. Remember, it takes at least 1 year for you to stay at the weight you lost.    

I can lose weight with diet, but it cannot keep the weight stable.

The hypothalamus , which is an extremely small center in our brain, provides weight control. There is a point here called the set point that fixes the weight . In order for this point to accept the new weight, it is necessary to maintain the weight lost for at least 1 year Otherwise, this center will easily bring the person back to their old weight. In short, after losing weight, you must stay at that point for at least 1 year so that your brain can adapt to this and say "this is my weight now".        

My body mass index (BMI) is between 30-35. Can't I have surgery?

If you do not have any other co-morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, knee joint disorders, etc.), you should lose weight first. We recommend you to start a serious calorie restriction as well as a lifestyle change for a long time. Since surgery carries the risk of complications, it is necessary to try and insist on losing weight first. Supportive non- surgical stomach operations (gastric balloon, swallowable gastric balloon or stomach botox) may be exceptionally preferred by taking the opinion of a specialist obesity doctor .       

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