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The Best Obesity Surgery Practices are at our Istanbul Center with Specialist Doctors.

Are you experiencing health problems because of your excess weight? Have you been unsuccessful in weight control even though you tried all the ways? Don't worry, the doors of a completely different life will open to you with bariatric surgery Obesity surgery, which is preferred by overweight people as a last resort to prevent and prevent serious health problems as a result of failure in their weight loss efforts , is waiting for you in our Istanbul center accompanied by specialist doctors .      

What is Obesity Surgery? Let's Get to Know Together

It is a type of treatment preferred by patients who have tried obesity treatments but have not been successful or who have difficulty in carrying out the process. Obesity Surgery can also be called as the process of eliminating and preventing the factors that cause the patient's excess weight with surgery and similar applications.   

When is it Preferred?

The degree of obesity is determined by calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). With this method, which is used to decide whether the person is overweight or obese, the preferred treatment or surgical procedure is determined. For example, an individual with a BMI of over 30 kg/m2 is considered obese . If BMI is over 40 kg/m2, it is morbidly obese (fatal obesity) .    

It is vital to make a quick decision and choose the appropriate operation in patients who threaten health and have reached the end point in Bariatric Surgery. Because in the cases we call morbid obesity (advanced obesity), time works against the patient.  

What are Obesity Surgery Treatments?

Obesity surgeries are professional and versatile operations that aim to return patients to their normal lives by losing their excess weight. What is meant by its versatility is the change in the physiology of the patient, as well as the psychological and spiritual healing process.

After obesity surgeries , it is aimed that individuals who are more self-confident and look at life with smiling eyes will be renewed and continue their lives. 

Below you can find the treatment methods we have used.

Bariatric Surgery

They are surgical interventions that produce solutions for obesity with more than one method. Its main applications are gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric reduction surgeries.

Metabolic Surgery

This method, also known as Type II Diabetes Surgery, is the whole of the surgical procedures for diabetes and diabetes. It covers surgeries performed in order to keep both obesity and diabetes under control in patients who use insulin regularly due to excessive klio.

Stomach Reflux Surgery

It is the extreme burning, pain and various stomach problems that occur as a result of the acids that occur during the processing of the food taken into the body in the stomach, back to the esophagus. It negatively affects the quality of life of the person and exposes him to severe complaints. The known surgical treatment is operations on the inner lining of the stomach and the gastric valve.

So what should be done?

Obesity surgeries are surgical procedures that require expertise. The surgical procedure to be selected in accordance with the patient's health status should be performed with specialist physicians and health workers . In particular, the professionalism of the team performing the operation, the preferred material quality, experience and references should be asked.  

You can perform weight loss applications with specialist doctors in full-fledged hospitals. Take a step to reach the healthy days you dream of!

Obesity Surgery Istanbul

Biomy Health is an obesity center that has been serving obesity patients for 20 years with its experienced bariatric surgeons and has performed successful operations. Famous obesity treatments doctor and general surgeon Prof. Dr. With Cemalettin CAMCI and his expert team, you can be among our happy patients and make a new start in your life as hundreds of references do.    

To benefit from the latest bariatric surgery treatments using modern technology , you can contact our specialists and take a look at our blog posts prepared by our doctors .    

Biomy Health, Professional Obesity Surgery Center offers you Obesity (Obesity) Surgery Methods with Specialist Doctors in Şişli, Istanbul .    

Which bariatric surgery should I choose?

One of the funny questions. Obesity Surgery is a professional procedure that includes treatments/operations determined specifically for the individual. Specialist Obesity Surgery Doctor analyzes the current health and psychological state of the patient . It is decided which operation the patient's body needs/can remove and the degree of urgency, and the process begins with the patient's approval. The preferred Surgical procedure is determined entirely in the best interest of the patient.        

How should nutrition be after bariatric surgery?

We would like to point out that especially water consumption should be at the top of the list. Fluid intake in the body is vital after the operation in terms of replacing the lost fluid. We recommend that you drink about 2 liters of water per day At the next stage, your nutrition program should include protein (meat, fish) primarily, vegetables and fruit types. The group (dough types and rice) that should be avoided for a certain period of time is carbohydrates . Do not worry! Our expert dietitian will help you in your nutrition process .       

What is stomach reduction surgery? How is it done?

Despite all the effort (diet, exercise, medication) Obesity due to the preference of the patient from life had become intolerable that obesity surgery is one of the operations. Purpose: It is to take a very large part (80%) of the stomach and bring the stomach to a smaller size. In this way, in the long run, the feeling of eating and satisfaction reaches minimal levels . 

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