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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment and Diabetes Surgery at our Istanbul Obesity Treatment Center. With Specialized Doctors.

Say goodbye to diabetes, diabetes and all the negativities you have experienced so far!

Metabolic surgery Bipartisyo the surgery known as, especially adult onset type 2 diabetes diabetes mellitus refers to the full effect of surgical procedures used to treat a variety of metabolic diseases like. The best known metabolic surgery procedures are; Stomach Reduction (Gastric Bypass) and sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. Metabolic surgery operations; It is a form of treatment that helps you regain your health in the long run .            

To Whom Is Metabolic Surgery Applied?

It is a suitable option for patients who are likely to have Type 2 Diabetes Treatment or Diabetes Surgery Metabolic Surgery Treatments; It may not be suitable for all patients who are overweight or have reached the obesity limit. As a result of the patient's full examination and examination, the Metabolic Surgery Doctor determines whether the treatment is appropriate. The aim here is to provide a beneficial operation for the person.     

If you have one of the following diseases or special conditions for Metabolic Surgery , it will be suitable for you.   

  • Your body mass index BMI>35
  • If you have type II diabetes, diabetes and other obesity-related diseases
  • A new beginning is aiming for radical changes and if you want to spend healthier days

How Many Weight Loss With Metabolic Surgery?

It is planned to lose up to 90% of the patient's excess weight . If the person follows the rules, it is possible to lose 90% of their excess weight in 1 year and even reach their ideal weight afterwards .    

Diseases treated with metabolic surgery ; 

  • type 2 diabetes,
  • diabetes,
  • Obesity
  • Excessive fat in the abdomen, stomach and hips (apple-shaped belly formation),
  • A high level of triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood) and accordingly medication use,
  • Low cholesterol level and consequent drug use
  • High blood pressure and drug use
  • Advanced fasting blood sugar and accordingly drug use

Benefits of Metabolic Surgery

It is possible to get rid of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, polycystic ovary and insulin resistance by improving the impaired metabolism . 

In the publications in recent years, it is stated that the surgeries performed for the Treatment of Obesity are 10 years more advantageous than those who do not have the same group of surgery, by providing serious benefits in the life span of the person. We say fix your metabolism, live longer but be healthy.   

Metabolic Surgery in Istanbul

Metabolic Surgery Operations are the treatment methods to regain and protect your health. All operations performed have a very special treatment process. For this reason , the adequacy of the physician who performs the Metabolic Surgery Treatment and the clinic , and the success of the previous patient's operation are important.       

Biomy Health has been performing successful operations for many years with its metabolic surgeons who are experts in their fields in Istanbul and continues its services with an understanding of 100% patient satisfaction. General surgeon Prof. Dr. You can start a new life with Cemalettin CAMCI and his expert team.        

You can contact us to ask all your questions to our experts .  

Metabolic surgery operations ( Type 2 Diabetes Treatment and Diabetes Surgery ) are performed in our Obesity Treatment Center under the supervision of specialist doctors. We are in Şişli, Istanbul.   

Why is metabolic surgery preferred?

With Obesity Surgery operations, the patient's weight loss is targeted, these operations performed on non-obese individuals are called Metabolic Surgery and they are preferred in the treatment of other metabolic diseases, primarily type 2 diabetes . In 2007, he recommended the use of metabolic surgery in suitable patients for the treatment of type 2 diabetes for the first time at the Worldwide Accepted International Diabetes Surgery Summit 

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