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Our Preferred Obesity Clinics/Hospitals in Istanbul Have VIP Equipment and High Standards.

As Biomy Health Obesity Treatment Center , we carefully select the hospitals where you will be operated. Our hospitals, which are one of the best in their field, are hospitals with high-level technical equipment that can provide treatment services at health standards documented with JCI accreditation.  

In this direction, hospitals that are equipped with the right and full treatment from the beginning to the end have been specially planned for you. During your stay at the hospital, separate beds will be allocated to you and your companion.  

JCI Standards in Obesity Treatments  

It uses Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation standards and Ministry of Health Quality Standards in Health (SKS) to strengthen its approach to quality improvement and patient safety. JCI is an independent international accreditation body that sets and monitors quality standards in healthcare. The hospitals we serve are in compliance with JCI accreditation standards.

Obesity Clinic Istanbul

With Biomy Health, you can have a successful operation in VIP Obesity Clinics in Istanbul with High Standards . For detailed information, you can contact our experts .      

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