Why Biomy?

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A Pleasant Obesity Treatment Process Awaits You With Professional Obesity Doctors.

Biomy Health is an obesity clinic that brings together the newest obesity treatments, which are used effectively all over the world in new types of weight loss-slimming treatments, with its patients . In our Istanbul center , it provides service with its team of obesity doctors and health workers who are competent in their fields . It offers you modern obesity treatment methods used together with the latest technological developments for individuals suffering from obesity and suffering from health problems to have an efficient and comfortable treatment process .       

In order to increase the patient potential in the country and especially abroad, we work diligently to represent Turkey in the best way in the field of Health Tourism , with an understanding of 100% satisfaction , and we are implementing it.     

Obesity Requires Correct Diagnosis and Correct Treatment 

For all our patients, the process starts with the correct diagnosis before starting the treatment. According to the road map to be determined, the treatment should be successful and the process should be terminated effectively. We adopt personalized treatments especially in trend weight loss stomach botox , swallowable gastric balloon ) methods.   

Istanbul Obesity Clinic

Biomy Health has adopted the understanding of perfection in communication with the patient in every operation it has carried out for nearly 20 years. We only have long working hours with our patients during the preparation process. The important thing is that the requests are in accordance with the medical literature and that the results are beneficial to you. For this reason, we ensure that you carry out all processes together with our expert team. Our dynamic team receives regular trainings to support you 24/7.

Operation & Post- Surgery Support 

Each patient is informed in detail by our team and is made conscious at the highest level so that he can be successful in his new life. Our principle is 100% patient satisfaction. Thanks to our numerous references, our patients can get ideas about Biomy Health Obesity Polyclinic by communicating with other patients in their own countries .  

All our patients who will choose us for the operation will be given exercises in the presence of a specialist physiotherapist to minimize their post-operative pain . In addition, special physical activity planning for you in your new life will also be made by our experienced physiotherapist.  

Finally, with our Specialist Dietitian you can be in constant contact with, you will be able to lose weight in a healthy way, and post-operative sagging will be minimized.

Transparent Pricing Policy

In this process, which is determined according to the patient's demands and wishes, all details, including costs, with priority on success and efficiency, are created together with the patient. This point, which is emphasized before starting the treatment, is important. The patient is protected from what he is facing, his expectations and possible surprises in the next process. In this way, an enjoyable Obesity treatment process will be waiting for you.

Have You Seen Our Difference?

After the obesity treatment, which is a first in Turkey between Biomy Health and the Obesity Clinics in Istanbul , follow-up and care services are provided in the company of specialist obesity doctors . Now you can regain your health without compromising your quality of life and in a more controlled manner.       

You can contact us for more detailed information .  

Biomy Health Obesity Center is in Istanbul Turkey with its Experienced Obesity Doctors. You can visit our center for free analysis.

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