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Turkey's Best Obesity Center Istanbul, Turkey

Our Quality Approach in Biomy Health's Obesity Treatments

It applies all health care requirements that adapt to the purpose and strategic direction of Our Obesity Center, within its own body and throughout the treatment process . These factors, which provide a framework for our company's quality objectives and enable us to see applicable requirements, constitute our Quality Policy            

Therefore, our Quality Approach is not static, on the contrary, it is a dynamic structure that is always updated. Patient insights, legal or regulatory demands include a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in all areas our brand serves.    

To summarize, our Quality Approach in Obesity Treatments:

  • To present standards that meet and, in some cases, exceed, in quality, the needs and expectations of all interlocutors who request service.
  • To ensure and develop the systematic research and use of best preventive practices at all levels.
  • To cooperate with physicians healthcare professionals and professional healthcare organizations who are experts in their fields .     
  • To make positive contributions to obesity treatment processes by accessing well-defined measures and best practices by using modern and cutting-edge technologies .   
  • To have a sustainable unique infrastructure that improves management and personnel work through continuous review.
  • To have marginal targets at the point of application of all rising health trends and to act together with all affiliates at the point of application.  

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Biomy Health, Turkey's Best Obesity Center is in Şişli on the European Side of Istanbul .   

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