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Biomy Health is an Obesity Treatment Center established by trained and competent professionals to meet the health needs of individuals within the scope of modern health industry services . Our center serving in Istanbul; for patients who need obesity treatments; It offers preventive, curative and palliative (increasing quality of life) care opportunities with the most advanced and high technologies.   

Biomy Health Obesity Center:

Health professionals Turkey from hundreds of endoscopic applications in slimming treatment which was conducted with over than 20 years of experience and bariatric surgery has been successfully carried out the operation, obesity services by patients have taken full note of the presentation quality.   

Continuing to offer professional obesity treatments to guests from our country and from different countries of the world , our Company takes care to offer modern weight loss-slimming solutions to its patients with a prevention/improvement approach through early diagnosis and quality-of-life enhancing, flawless evaluation.    

By closely following the developing obesity treatment trends , we provide you with access to the following services;  

  • Obesity Treatment
  • Obesity Surgery
  • Gastric Balloon Treatment
  • Ingestible Gastric Balloon Treatment
  • Stomach Botox Applications
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Metabolic Surgery
  • Stomach Reflux Surgery
  • Tube Stomach Surgery

Perfect Surgeries in Professional Hands

Our health professionals consist of Expert Obesity Physicians and Health Workers who have 20 years or more of experience in their fields and are internationally accredited and have numerous references . Hospitals, Clinics and Polyclinics, which we prefer in operations provide VIP services in accordance with the standards of the European Union and the Ministry of Health .      

Successful Results with Modern and Up-to-Date Infrastructure

With the use of the latest and modern technology: surgical materials, medical devices and medicines are carefully presented to our patients. Our Obesity Center prefers Covidien and Ethicon products, which are the safest brands in the world, in all of its surgeries .      

In addition, Biomy Health instantly follows the changing health policies and health insurance systems in Turkey and all over the world with its expert team.

In this way;

  • We prevent you from having problems in your access to our health services.
  • We produce instant, fast and tailored solutions.
  • We use stimulating and smart technological infrastructures that answer all questions.
  • Regardless of the country, we manage the process professionally with our experts who speak your language.

Is there more?

Be demanding, decide and start today! You are special to us.

Biomy Health adopts a personalized treatment approach that is valid all over the world. In this context, an organization with the flexibility to respond to your needs, apart from the standard application, awaits you.

For more information, you can contact our experts .  

Biomy Health, Obesity Treatment Center with Expert Obesity Doctors in Şişli, Istanbul on the European Side. 

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