You can have a unique look with stomach botox

It will be a different privilege to lose weight with the perfect weight loss method stomach botox.


Botox application to the stomach may seem strange at first glance. However, when you research, you can see that many studies have been done and published on this subject, and even analyzes (meta-analysis) in which the studies are evaluated collectively.  

Stomach Botox Treatment, With this unique application, which is one of the newest weight loss trends, you can start to lose weight without surgery, painlessly. Stomach Botox is a professional endoscopic procedure. Thanks to the special liquid injected into the stomach muscles, it is aimed to reduce the feeling of hunger by ensuring that the muscle movements enter a certain cycle. In this way, less desire to eat and rapid weight loss are observed.   

It should be noted in this application: the material used and its quality are very important for the operation. The hospitals and clinics you will choose for treatment determine the success and ensure that the next process is efficient. The number of Hospitals and Doctors Performing Stomach Botox in Istanbul is not very high, since the application of Stomach Botox is on the agenda and there are not enough specialists . Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to pay attention to the choice of hospital .               

If you have decided for this procedure, which is an effective method used in the fight against obesity, we recommend that you start the treatment process with stomach botox doctors who are experts in their fields . You can get the body you dream of with the miracle application Stomach Botox , where you can continue your normal life without hunger .     

So what is the rationality of botox application?

Mechanism of action; This allows to delay stomach emptying empty stomach, ghrelin is what we call the hunger hormone later releases. In normal physiology, the stomach empties in 4-5 hours on average after kneading and breaking the eaten food into pieces. After ejaculation, Ghrelin secretion is stimulated and the eating reflex occurs again. As a result of delaying the emptying of the stomach with Botox process , it is possible to delay the secretion of Ghrelin and to reduce the calorie intake in the 24-hour period.        

In this way, it is possible to lose weight without being hungry, without feeling hungry and without panicking in terms of food .  

Overweight people who diet frequently know well that it is difficult to comply with low-calorie diet lists. Because the food taken does not satiate the person and the need to eat cannot be satisfied. Therefore, it can be easily abandoned. With the botox application process in the stomach , this harmony becomes more tolerable.     

How is Botox applied to the stomach?

The procedure is completed by administering appropriate doses of botulinum toxin to the appropriate parts of the stomach with endoscopy (gastroscope). The procedure is attractive because it is non-surgical, painless due to the fact that you are asleep during the endoscopy, and the rate of complication development is almost non-existent.

A few points to consider in stomach botox application

If you have the urge to eat with the feeling of hunger, you have found the right treatment. Because the habit of eating without getting hungry or consuming unhealthy foods is not suitable for stomach botox treatment . As a result, all the foods entering the stomach are absorbed in the intestines, and as a result, calorie input to the body occurs.    

Another important point is;

The effectiveness of Stomach Botox is an average of 6 months. After six months, the sensations will return and the hunger will begin to appear earlier. However, we know that the second or third dose of botox application should be taken into account, since the brain tends to accept that weight as the actual weight after losing weight for at least 1 year.  

Otherwise, once the effect of botox wears off, the brain can bring you back to your old weight. If the person shows a serious will and changes his lifestyle during these six months, the second or third dose may not be needed. However, to be honest, it is clear that the will of the person who is overweight is not very strong (especially against high-calorie pastry, pastry, baklava type foods).

What is important to your health is important to us. If you have decided on stomach botox treatment, we recommend that you do a deep research and find your stomach botox doctor and hospital-clinic by making comparisons .  

Would you like to have stomach botox in Istanbul?

Biomy Health, professional and most current treatment methods, specially equipped, sterile hospitals also offer to you. You can contact us to be treated with a professional health service approach by stomach botox doctors who are experts in their fields . With 20 years of experience, we continue our operations on the European Side of Istanbul .          

You can consult Biomy Health experts for all your questions about Stomach Botox Application .    

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