Let's get to know obesity surgery and treatment methods

Let's Get to Know the Modern Treatment Methods We Use in Our Struggle Against Obesity


Cure for Obesity ? Or Surgical Procedure? 

You want to get rid of your excess weight, which negatively affects your quality of life, but you do not know at what stage of obesity you are. You don't even want to think about where the health risks you have with each passing day take you and what kind of problems it will cause in the future. How can I fight obesity? illa surgery I need to do? Or is there a non- surgical treatment method available? If these questions have always had a place in your mind, then this article is for you.       

Yes , we are talking about the insidious disease of the modern age, Obesity . We say sneaky because it unwittingly pushes you to a completely different look, health problems and an ordeal lifestyle. Especially the introverted lives of people struggling with obesity appear as a separate subject of investigation. In this article, we will try to give you valuable information about Obesity Surgery and Obesity Treatment and to explain the differences between them.      

We find it useful to examine Obesity Treatment Methods under 2 main headings. 

Obesity Surgery

All weight loss treatments that require surgery, anesthesia and surgical procedures are examined in this group.  

Best known applications: Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Surgery applications. In their contents , Gastric Tube, Gastric By-Pass, Gastric Reduction and Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Surgery are the surgical applications that are currently used all over the world and in Turkey .         

Obesity Surgery Methods; It is preferred in order to eliminate the immediate or possible future risks in the patient's health status. Permanent success is targeted. Each treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages . The Obesity Center you prefer will provide more detailed information and the Obesity Surgery Doctors will choose the most suitable option for you before starting the treatment.         

Obesity Treatment

They are generally painless, non-operational and simple procedures. Endoscopic applications fall into this group. Reasons for preference; It is the realization of the patient's return to normal life faster. The most known applications are Gastric Balloon TreatmentGastric Botox Treatment and Swallowable Gastric Balloon .         


It is the treatment performed under the control of a Specialist Dietitian on a weekly or monthly basis for the purpose of losing the targeted excess weight . It is aimed for the patient to stay away from unhealthy foods and to change eating and drinking habits by providing nutritional control. In this way, a more disciplined weight loss process begins. If the diet plan is fully complied with, the eating and drinking habits change, and this becomes the lifestyle of the patient, the determined weight is lost and a healthier life begins. The only negative aspect of this treatment is the difficulties in complying with and maintaining the diet program.    

Sports and Exercises;

It is mostly preferred in addition to diet therapy . It is done to reduce the amount of calories in the body and to maintain the current weight. Sports and exercises should always take place in our lives, as a sedentary life will bring with it weight. With regular exercises, you can prevent heart and respiratory diseases and prevent possible health problems in the future.  

Obesity Treatments are faster and more practical methods than other operations. To follow the Body Mass Index, which should be considered, is to find out in which risk group your current situation is . Obesity treatment has a different treatment process that varies from person to person. In our Obesity Center, where you can get professional information , our Obesity Treatment Doctors will determine the most appropriate treatment information for you .         

For Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation, you can use the (BMI) Calculation section on our home page . The information is a summary and a recommendation, and you can get more detailed information from our Specialist Doctors . Don't forget! Weight loss treatments are operations that require expertise, it is important for your health to choose specialist physicians and health institutions.       

Have questions? Our experts are here for you. You can contact us via live support, whatsapp or contact form .  

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obesity surgery and treatment methods

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