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Obesity is a complex disease caused by the body's excessive storage of fat. There are many diseases it can cause. These can cause diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. Therefore, obesity is the most common medical problem today, which poses a risk of serious illness and health problems.

Although the fight against obesity seems to be possible individually, depending on the will, you may need professional support in some types . At this point, the health institutions that provide the most obesity services have gathered in big cities with the effect of their population . If you are determined; In Istanbul he bezit Builds State Hospital for treatment Obesity Center of Private Hospitals and obesity clinics will help you in this fight. It is entirely in your hands to make the process even easier with your Best Obesity Doctors preferences .              

Obesity Treatment & Surgery Istanbul 

First of all , it is very important for the individual to recognize and accept obesity . More than one treatment option can be offered to the patient, the advantages and disadvantages are discussed and the treatment is started. In general, obesity treatment organizations offer the following weight loss methods to their patients.        

Stomach Botox Treatment It is a popular form of treatment developed by applying the botox process used in plastic surgery to the stomach muscle. The aim is to help weight loss by controlling the feeling of hunger and fullness by interfering with the contraction cycle of the stomach muscle. 

Gastric Balloon Treatment Gastric balloon treatment is a weight loss treatment that involves placing a silicone balloon in the stomach and limiting the amount of food. Thanks to the procedure, there is a need to feel full and eat less food. 

Metabolic Surgery is all of the surgical procedures used in the treatment of various metabolic diseases such as Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes surgeries. 

Bariatric Surgery is the general name given to applications such as Tube Stomach Surgery, Stomach By-Pass, Stomach Clamp, Stomach Reduction. 

Gastric Reflux Surgery Gastric reflux is a digestive disorder that has increased with obesity in recent years. It occurs when food leaves the stomach and goes back to the esophagus. If left untreated, it causes many discomforts that affect your quality of life, such as severe burning in the stomach and heartburn. 

Obesity Is No Longer Destiny!

Which treatment will be suitable for you is determined together by the specialist obesity doctor . An effective communication operation during the treatment period increases the success of the treatment. For this reason, the obesity clinic or hospital you will choose is of vital importance.      

Do you want to be an obesity treatment? Searching for experienced obesity doctors? Are you looking for an obesity center or obesity clinic in Istanbul? 

Biomy Health, professional and most up-to-date treatment methods Famous obesity doctor and general surgery specialist, Prof. Dr. Cemalettin CAMCI and its expert team present it to you. We are working to regain your health with 20 years of experience, numerous operations and references in the European Side of Istanbul .       

Biomy Health experts are here to help you. For all your questions, contact us via live support, whatsApp and contact form .   

Biomy Health, Professional Obesity Treatment Center in Istanbul, Turkey. You are invited to our Center for a Free Obesity Analysis.  

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