Gastric balloon treatment and application methods

Gastric Balloon Treatment and Hospitals in Istanbul


Gastric endoscopic as balloon insertion application is a weight loss treatment methods that have been used for many years. The purpose of the Gastric Balloon is to reduce the stomach capacity and to provide the person with the feeling of early satiety by exceeding less food. With a bulging balloon placed inside the stomach, it is ensured that the stomach is always full and the patient's desire to eat less is aimed.         

In order to lose weight, balloon application to the stomach is an endoscopic procedure. It does not involve any surgical process. Your weight loss process starts with the balloon placed in the stomach with the help of endoscopy. One of the important points is the quality and origin of the balloon. Your health may be at risk because of cheap or counterfeit products. Another sensitive point is the qualification levels of the hospitals or clinics where the operation will be performed and the experience of the doctor who makes the gastric balloon .        

How is Gastric Balloon Made?

With Biomy Health, after deciding on Gastric Balloon Treatment , it is aimed to determine the brand of the balloon to be used, the duration of stay in the stomach, and finally, to perform a successful operation with follow-up and applications under the supervision of a specialist after the treatment. Gastric Balloons produced in previous years could stay in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months. However, with the development of technology, this period could be extended up to 1 year. Therefore, in our practice, instead of 6-month balloons, we apply balloons that can stay in the stomach for 1 year to our patients.   

Although it is exceptional, some of our patients' stomachs perceive the placed balloon as a foreign body and try to throw it away. It is possible to encounter nausea and vomiting that cannot be stopped after the procedure. In this case, treatment with anti-nausea drugs is tried for a few days. If the person can tolerate the balloon, the process continues, otherwise we may have to resort to the removal of the gastric balloon . In such a case, it is not possible to reuse the applied balloon.  

Another application method(s) of the gastric balloon is; It is the temporary application of patients included in the super obese group (ie patients with BMI> 50 kg/m2 ) for reasons such as reducing the liver volume before surgery to eliminate the negative effects of the surgery. In this case , it can be applied for 4-6 months and weight loss of around 10-15 kg is possible with a serious calorie restriction .      

In addition, the popular application of recent years, the Swallowable Gastric Balloon is among the newest and trendy treatment methods. You can get information about this application from Biomy Health experts. As with all procedures, we recommend that you do a serious research and decide if you are considering gastric balloon surgery . We would like to remind you again that the health institutions (hospitals, clinics, centers) and doctors that treat gastric balloon will help you at this point. The important thing is to prioritize experience and reference values ​​in your choices.        

Hospitals Making Gastric Balloons Istanbul

Biomy Health, Obesity Treatment Center performs innovative and newest obesity treatment methods with the best doctors who are experts in their fields . Famous obesity doctor and general surgeon; prof. Dr. Cemalettin CAMCI and his expert team are here for you to make new beginnings. Istanbul European Side 'in 20 years of experience, successful operations, we are proud to have hundreds of happy patients.            

It's time to decide! We are with you in your fight against obesity. In Istanbul to the use of modern technologies that gastric balloon in a hospital or clinic to treat your preferences.    

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Lose Weight Naturally By Eating Less With Gastric Balloon

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